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Primary Production Managers (Except Agriculture) NOC 0811

Primary Production Managers (Except Agriculture) NOC 0811

Primary production managers are eligible to apply for Canadian immigration as they are included in the new list of professions with high demand for Canadian immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker category . Primary production managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of enterprises in the following Primary Industries:

  • Forestry and logging
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Production and service processes
  • Commercial fishing.
  • Below are the possible job titles of primary production managers, some examples of their job duties and staffing requirements.
  • Possible job titles
  • Mining manager
  • Mining operations manager
  • Director of drilling operations
  • Director of fishing operations
  • Director of Forestry and logging
  • Director of Forestry Operations
  • Gas field operations manager
  • Recording production manager
  • Mining operations manager
  • Mine manager
  • Superintendent of Mines
  • Mining operations manager
  • Mining operations manager
  • Oil and gas drilling supervisor
  • Production manager of oil and gas fields
  • Oil well drilling manager
  • Oil well maintenance manager
  • Peat bog manager
  • Production manager-coal mining
  • Quarry manager
  • Quarry manager
  • Quarry operations manager
  • Raw material production manager
  • Beach captain - fishing
  • Underground mine supervisor
  • Underground mining supervisor
  • Forest manager
  • Forest Supervisor
  • The main duties of primary production managers
Primary Production Managers (Except Agriculture) NOC 0811

Primary production managers in this group of units perform some or all of the following tasks:

  • Supervision and analysis of operations in forestry, logging, mining, quarrying, oil and gas operations, in logging services, mining, oil and gas industries, in commercial fishing
  • Recommend operational changes to senior management as necessary to ensure that production quotas and procedures are met
  • Preparation of production reports for review by senior management
  • Consult with other managers to determine production quotas, plan extraction sites and develop policies for the removal of raw materials
  • Evaluate the efficiency of production sites to determine the adequacy of personnel, equipment and technologies used, make changes to the work schedule or equipment when necessary
  • Ensure compliance with safety rules
  • Recruiting staff and supervising the training needs of employees
  • He may direct peripheral activities such as the construction of access roads or temporary living quarters.

Recruitment requirements

  1. Forest managers usually need a bachelor's degree in Forest Science or forest engineering.
  2. Mining and quarry managers usually need a bachelor's degree in mining engineering or Geosciences.
  3. Oil and gas managers usually need a bachelor's degree in geology, Geosciences or petroleum engineering.
  4. Several years of experience in a supervisory profession in a particular industry is usually required and may replace the requirements for formal education.
  5. A maximum of only 1000 orders will be processed in one year starting from June 26, 2023 for initial production managers. It will take only a few months to get this far. Therefore, we advise you to retain our services as soon as possible so that your order can be submitted without any unnecessary delay.


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