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USA Study Visa Requirements F1 And M1 visa

The requirements for an American visa to study are a set of things that must be met by everyone who wishes to obtain an American visa to study in one of its affiliated educational institutions. America is distinguished by its warm welcome to every foreign citizen who comes to it for the purpose of completing his studies. It also includes many universities and institutes that have a wide reputation. Worldwide in many fields of study, which makes it an ideal destination for international students from all over the world.

USA visa to study

An American visa to study is the only way for an international student who wishes to enter America for the purpose of studying, which emphasizes the necessity of submitting an application to obtain an American visa to study so that he can travel to America. Some may find that there is difficulty in obtaining this visa, but upon commitment With the required conditions and the preparation of all the necessary papers and documents, the matter can be carried out easily and without complications, so all requirements for an American visa to study must first be met.

What are the types of American study visa?

The visa for studying in America is divided into two types, one is the F-1 visa, and the other is the M-1 visa, and each type has its own descriptions and specific qualifications as follows:

F1 visa

It is an American study visa that is commonly used among international students, as it is intended for the student who wishes to participate in academic studies in America at an accredited university, accredited school, or an accredited English language program. It is also needed by the student whose study program lasts more than 18 hours per week.

M1 visa

It is an American study visa for international students who wish to participate in non-academic or professional study or training in America.

Conditions for obtaining a study visa for America

When wanting to travel to America to study and apply for an American visa, a set of indispensable requirements must be met in order for the visa to be obtained successfully and without problems. It is not difficult to obtain an American visa, but special papers must be prepared, and some requirements must be met. Which are as follows:

- Registering the student’s name and accepting him at a university in America

- The student’s mastery of the English language so that he can understand studying in America and be able to integrate with American society

- Ensure that the university chosen for study is registered with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Authority

- The student has a desire to leave the country after the end of his study period in America

- There are no criminal suspicions or criminal records of the student that prevent him from entering America

- The student’s failure to commit to debts makes his travel to America difficult to implement

- The student has the financial ability to cover all the costs of studying in America, in addition to the costs of supporting himself during the period of study.

Documents required for a study visa in America

There are a set of documents that must be submitted to the competent authorities when wishing to obtain an American visa to study, and the procedures cannot be completed if there is a shortage of these documents. These papers are as follows:

1- Recent, clear personal photos from the front

2- A passport that must be valid during the study period

3- A letter or document proving the registration of the student’s name in one of the recognized universities in America

4- A document or certificate from a bank stating the student’s financial condition to confirm the stability of his financial situation

5- The student’s educational history with the academic qualifications and certificates he obtained previously


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